skinny lift CONTOUR

Innovative Whole Body Treatment

for Anti-Aging & Bodycontouring

skinny lift® CONTOUR – an innovative treatment for anti-aging and body contouring

skinny lift® CONTOUR – medical engineering meets medical-beauty

skinny lift® CONTOUR is ”made in Germany” and manufactured by the company gbo Medizintechnik AG. skinny lift CONTOUR is part of the skinny lift family, including the device skinny lift LIPO, a treatment concept for body sculpturing and fat reduction as well as the device skinny lift REFINE NiSV, for anti-aging treatment at cosmeticians.


skinny lift® CONTOUR


The device disposes of a large touch screen. All basic treatment parameters are preset for the user thus ensuring an effective treatment. The device skinny lift® CONTOUR is used for the anti-aging treatment of the face, neck, decolleté and hands.
The following applicators can be connected to the skinny lift CONTOUR basic device:

MASK: Upper half of the face
MOVE: mouth, neck, decolleté
HAND duo: back of the hand, both hands simultaneously


Modul Body

By means of the Module Body, the das skinny lift® CONTOUR system demonstrates its entire range of function. The Module Body may only be used in combination with the skinny lift CONTOUR. All applicators for the treatment of the body can be offered with the Module Body.

FORM: for application on the thighs for the intensive support of the cellulite treatment
FLEX: a versatile applicator for upper arms, belly and buttocks

skinny lift® COUNTOUR with the Module Body can be used to treat multiple body areas at the same time.

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